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The band released their debut single, "It’s A Fact" in October 2015, followed by the 10” EP "Low Level Devil," in June 2016 and their first full-length album, "Broken Fantasy" in April 2017. NP Presley released his first solo album, “Measure Once… Cut Until There's Nothing Left,” in December 2017. After a global pandemic postponed their 2020 European tour, the band dropped TWO new albums a month early (March 2020), including their new LP, "In Celebration of Everything That Went Wrong," and what was to be a Europe-only release, "Bag of Daggers," a 15-track compilation of their long sold-out first two records, B-sides, rarities and unreleased songs. They will celebrate with a CD release show/party at Cosmic Charlies in Lexington on May 8th. The Euro-Tour is rescheduled for May through June 2021.

The band has played several festivals including Kentucky's Beatersville Car & Bike Show, Scarefest Horror Convention,  Well Crafted Festival, Cosmic Invasion, and Squall Fest, Brooklyn's 10th Annual NYC Zombie Crawl, Alabama's Dixie Danger Fest and Ohio's Hula Hop. They will be playing the Crooked Smile Music Festival in Greenville, OH this September. The band has shared the stage with Legendary Shack Shakers, Flamin Groovies, Everclear, Art Adams, The Goddamn Gallows, Hillbilly Casino, Lara Hope, Screamin' Rebel Angels, Lindi Ortega, Jeremy Pinnell, Langhorne Slim, The Tillers, Nappy Roots, The Krank Daddies, Nellie Pearl, Vice Tricks, Jeremy Pinnell, Arlo McKinley, The Slow Death and many more.


"Broken Fantasy is chock-full of Kentucky rock and roll, edgy alt-country and rockabilly punk. It's a cohesive set, not disjointed or unfocused. It's engaging with no filler and no lulls to open your attention to distractions. Fans of Social Distortion, X, The Replacements, Hank III, the Fat Wreck Chords bands, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Naked Raygun and more will all dig this release."

"This album portrays the true diversity of the band by painting with every hue of the rock palate. Refusing to stay true to anything but rock and roll, "Broken Fantasy" steers the listener down path after dark path. The first half of the album shows hints of a silver lining to those dark clouds above us while warning us to keep our heads out of them. As the needle spins closer to the album's center, so too does it spin further out of control. This LP is a well-written novel as much as it is a terrific rock and roll record with professional musicianship and left-handed lyrical poise."
Uneven Cheese Records

"You might remember Nate Presley from Infected, but NP&THOJG have released a masterpiece of punk-Americana here. My pick is Only Time Will Tell, but this record is solid as hell, front to back."
Tucos Bandcamp

NP Presley has been making records and touring independently since 1993. Releasing 13 albums with infamous Lexington, KY punk band, Infected, he toured the U.S. multiple times. Infected released their final album, 3-CD box set, aptly titled “Complete”, in 2013. That year, NP also played guitar for The Brassknuckle Boys on a European tour and joined roots/folk rock band, Paper Bridges.

Nathanael Paul (NP) Presley is the only living, touring blood relative of Elvis Presley. His mother toured with her cousin, Elvis, in the mid-70’s, later recording her own singles and being featured on Nashville’s “You Can Be A Star.” NP Presley was born into the business in 1980. These deep roots and the royal rock & roll bloodline are the driving forces behind his 8-piece renaissance rock band, NP Presley & The Ghost of Jesse Garon.

"When they take the stage, the full band is an impressive display, Nate and others dressing to the nines from their brilliantly shined shoes to their neckties. Heather’s eyes are masked in black outlines that are mystical and beautiful and match her alluring voice.  Together they create a well-orchestrated and powerful sound.

While the name of the band and even the nice suits suggest a rockabilly sound, the band is quite diverse, as their tight set demonstrates. They segue easily from rockabilly to punk to rock 'n roll to even gospel with tight four and five-piece harmonies on several songs. Heather’s powerful voice rose up and around NP’s deep lyrics, filling them in like a well-wrapped package. Keys and sax slide in around the music and the drums keep a strong beat going, making the crowd move along. They are up there preaching, telling the crowd their story, and making sure it drives home. They want their crowd to be in it with them."

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