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Pittsburgh, Johnstown, Brooklyn

The northeast was amazing. Especially Brooklyn! Thanks to everyone involved and everyone that came to see us. Thanks to The Spectres, the Scott Fry Experience, The Screamin' Rebel Angels, Jungle Junkies, and Uncle Jake & The 18 Wheel Gang. A huge thanks to Chico in Johnstown for working like a maniac to get everything done for us. Much love to Luffy's family for housing and feeding us and for being so awesome in general. Thank you Doug Sakmaan for organizing a killer Zombie Crawl, putting on a terrific show, for giving us the opportunity, and for letting me tug on his neck hook! Thanks to John Christou for the great pictures. Thanks to the Squidling Brothers and Skindicate Suspension for the gruesome entertainment! Thank you Laura Palmer for inviting us and being so good to us! The Screamin' Rebel Angels are super talented and we can't wait to share a stage with you again.

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