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An Amazfantacular Night!

Friday night was filled with great music and terrific people at Best Friend Bar. The Blue Velvets kicked things into high gear right off the bat, harnessing multiple instruments and sounding huge for a duo. The Silverhounds spiked the punch even further with some high octane psychobilly. Daniel Pena is a madman, balancing on and jump-kicking off of his upright bass. The amazing Screamin' Rebel Angels took the stage and the crowd erupted into dancing. SO much energy fed back and forth between the band and the fans. N.P. Presley & The Ghost of Jesse Garon played next and literally burned the house down. There were so many people in the crowd and on the stage, it was hard to move but damn did everybody move! It was amazing and personally, it felt great to be back on stage. Then everyone's heart melted as Steve Pope & Bobby Beitz brought the American Werewolves back for some old school Lexington rock n' roll. Truly a fantastic night. Thanks to everyone for playing, for dancing, for singing along, for all the sweaty man love and for the free drinks. And thanks to Girls Burritos for keeping us energized. This is why we love Lexington. You can watch Screamin' Rebel Angels, The Blue Velvets, & The Silverhounds tonight in Louisville at 3rd Street Dive. LOUISVILLE! You need to witness this show! (EVENT PAGE) Be sure to catch Paper Bridges tonight & more NP Presley action tomorrow night at The Green Lantern for SquallFest 2016!

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