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  • August 2-5, 2018

R4YL#10: The Victory Lap

Run For Your Life is about as grassroots as you can get. Bands, BBQ, bike games, and sleeping in the dirt…what could be better? We will be joining Bad Luck & Trouble at "The Cave" of Rinky Dink Campground in McArthur, OH for the 10th and final year for R4YL. This year, we remember Joel Hauenstein, the event's organizer and our dear friend. The event will be held Aug 2-5. Thursday, bikers meet at The Barn in Ada, OH. Friday's destination is Rinky Dink campground in Southern Ohio for the "Ride for Joel." Saturday's camp is in Slade, KY. Sunday is at Stacked Stones Retreat in the Hocking Hill area of Ohio. Get that scooter ready to fly. This one's for The Jart!


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