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NEW ALBUM is here!!

In Celebration of Everything Went Wrong is now here! You can get your copy in our store and stream the album in its entirety here. Orders ship out next week. Three years in the making, this album tells the stories of relationships both blooming and decaying, of friends and family disappearing, and of bitter truths best left untold.

Produced by Jason Groves. Recorded at Sneak Attack Recording Co. March 2017 - February 2020. Self-released March 2020. Cover art by Josh Flowers. Eco-friendly packaging through Atomic Disc. No label. No holds barred.

1) Inside Bottomed Out 2) The Outside 3) Shadow of a Ghost 4) Bullet (Hayden Desser) 5) Son of the Morning Star 6) Idle Dreams 7) I Remember A Time 8) High Inside The Void 9) How You've Learned to Live With Me 10) What Used To Be 11) Death Is My Friend 12) Nightmares 13) Conflict 14) Pray to Die 15)

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