"Eclectic Vapors" is a compilation CD of Central Kentucky artists recorded in local studios and put together by Richard Brinegar for Poor Know Records.


Track Listing:

  1. Black Knife - Heavy Hand
  2. The Hellbent Hearts - Wicked Love
  3. Kur - Drowning the King's Heir
  4. Frank Rocket - Right Side of the Line
  5. Fishin With Jesus - Parasite
  6. Laces Lawless - Embrace Your Curse
  7. The Dick Experience - Cirrhosis on the Rocks
  8. Frank Rocket - Gutso
  9. The Hellbent Hearts - Company Man
  10. Laces Lawless - Fuck Me Ultimate
  11. Fishin With Jesus - When I Run
  12. The Dick Experience - I Is What I Am
  13. Black Knife - Wild Satanic Spirit
  14. Kur - Hill of Martyrs
  15. Slumlords - Handgun


Recorded at Fartknocker Studio, Sneak Attack Recording Co., Skyborne Studio, and Forrest's living room. Mixed and mastered by Jason Groves at Sneak Attack. All songs are property of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without permission.

Eclectic Vapors

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