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The new Hillbilly Casino album, "Red, White & Bruised," is here on vinyl. Choose from either red, white or bruised (purple/blue splatter) vinyl colors.

Track listing:
1. Knocking At Your Door
2. How Do You Think
3. She’s Got Tricks
4. It’s Not Me, It’s You
5. Toss Turn And Roll
6. Lowdown
7. Dog On A Chain
8. When She Kissed Me
9. Give It All Up For You
10. Trainwreck
11. Jibber Jabber
12. More Blues Than Green
13. Troubles


"Red, White And Bruised" once again features their mascot, Punchy, on the front cover and the record sounds great for being independently recorded and mixed. This album is full of fantastic guitar solos and quick, easy to understand lyrics. “When She Kissed Me” is a simple, jamming swing song you can dance to. “I Got More Blues Than Green” is a song everyone can relate to as almost everyone has more bills going out than money coming in. The last track, “Troubles” is a true honky tonk song. This album is just damn good American music, folks! - Gary Hayes Country

Hillbilly Casino - "Red, White & Bruised"

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